31 July 2007

From Rick Nelson

On Monday and Tuesday we have had a chance to do some sight seeing and shopping for gifts. Of course the greatest gift of the Gospel has been given to all the Indian villages where we have visited. And they have left us with the memories that will last forever.

There are many things that I look forward to when I get back to the States. There are not as many things that I will miss about India. But there is one thing that will never get old. Yesterday after visiting the Santhome Cathedral Basilica some of the Mission Helpers were comunicating with a five young Indian school kids. As we drove off the kids spoke some of the very little english that they knew. They ran down the street after us yelling, "Bye, bye, bye!" They kept running and waving until we were out of site. That will never get old.

I guess I would like to take this oportuntity to thank the Mission Board and the MHT leaders who made the trip possible. It is clearly God's will for us to continue this program. Also, thank you to everyone who kept us in their prayers as we were here in India.

Rick Nelson
Mission Helper - India