23 July 2007

From Dani Beekman

Hello everyone.

There has been so much going on its hard to keep it all straight. I'm not sure where we've been and I don't know how to spell where we are, but we are all doing well.

There's a few stories from the past week that I thought were worth sharing. On our way to a restaurant one night, Danielle and I were bringing up the rear in our procession. D. Paul pulled up in a rickshaw and told us to come sit. How could we say no? So we got to ride while the boys had to walk. D. Paul told us that our driver has a hobby of collecting coins from different countries. Danielle and I started digging through our wallets to find USA money. Our driver ended up with a dollar bill, 2 quarters, a nickle, dime, and a couple pennies. He was so excited. He could not stop smiling, he was studying the dollar so intensly. We went in and ate and when we came back he was waiting for us with a pen and wanted Danielle and I to sign the dollar. We did. Pastor told us that we had just agreed to marry him. I panicked. I didn't know if he was serious. The driver took us back to our hotel, Pastor said we were going to meet the inlaws, it was funny.

We have been handing out pens to all the children, and adults at VBS. Everything is nice and calm until we whip out the pens, then it gets kind of crazy. At one of the villages we were at, we ran out of pens. I felt terrible, and I was scared. Danielle and I had women with crying children come up to us and ask for pens. We both dug through our back packs and found 3 more pens. Sampath looked at GUI and said, " They are demanding pens, should we go?" The next day at classes, the pastor of that congregation had taken names of everyone that did not receive a pen and he gave it to Pastor Ohlmann. We owed him 25 pens.

We had a VBS at a Bible Institute, I'm not sure where we were. There was a little girl there, that I can't stop thinking about. She had Down's Syndrome. She was the happiest little girl, I helped her with her craft. She kept saying "Hi!" and she would tickle my cheeks and then giggle. She couldn't write, and they told me she couldn't talk. I took her hand in mine and helped her draw crosses and hearts and happy faces on her craft. She was very excited and started drawing crosses herself. She was amazing. I wanted to take her with me. All the little girls here are so amazing. They are all so happy.

We have little more than a week left. Thank you all for your continued prayers, and please keep em going. It's encouraging to know that so many people are thinking about us and praying for us.