27 July 2007

From Rick Nelson

My previous letter for the blog was explaining about how poor the people are here in India. Well on Thursday we experienced it. It was a tough blow for our group. We came back to the hotel and some of us broke down. Tears were shed. It was extremely painful for all of us to see.

We visited a tribal village outside of Sri Kalahasti. Where these people live, the Hindu's will not come in and teach. These people are the "outcasts". None of the adults know how to read or write. The kids do have the oportunity to go to school. The parents work not to earn a living. They literally work in order to live. I snuck a couple of pictures of the huts where they sleep. These children sleep on the ground. Their roofs and walls are made of sticks, branches and leaves.

Before we left we pulled together some money. It was taken by the pastor and used to buy food for the whole village. Rice for more than 150 families. Think about what I just wrote. The offering that was collected was not used for a new ceiling fan, windows or doors for their worship facility. It was used to feed these people.

The only way I can contain myself when thinking about the widespread poverty across the nation is that they do not know how badly they have it. The children were just like any other kids. They laughed and giggled. They sang and listened to what we had to say. We taught them about their Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. That is worth more than all the rice in the world. Hopefully these people will be lead by the Spirit and included in His Kingdom. We understand that feeding these people is not the answer to their deapest need. Although that is the most obvious when you look at them. They are forever branded in my heart. Please pray for these people that they will drink of the living water so that they will thirst no more.

I can and will talk to anyone who wants to know more about this experience. I feel that it was very important for us to see and know about this. The fact that India is filled with these "outcast" tribal villages cannot be overlooked. Prayer is needed. I feel that we have a tremendous oportunity to share the Gosple with people who are rejected by the religious people in their own country. The door is WIDE OPEN. If you do not believe me, ask anyone that is on this trip. Better yet, experience it for yourself in 2009.

Rick Nelson
Mission Helper - 2007