17 July 2007

From Whitney Martin

Yesterday, while waiting for our ride, I had forgot something in my room and went upstairs to get it. I went in my room and got what i needed. i turned aroune to leave and one of the Indian workers in the hotel knocked on the door. I opened it and he said "Bible." "Bible?" i said. i was scared that he would find out i was a christian and persecute me or put me in jail or something. But then he said "yes Jesus book" I supposed he wanted a Bible to read.... but i didnt want to give him one of mine! He just kept looking at me... i said "English Bible?" Yes he replied. I soon got over my selfishness and gave him my small NIV Bible. An older lady was with him outside in the hall and when i was leaving they gathered around it and began reading it!!!

The next morning (today) my group saw him again and he wanted to return it to us. We told him to keep it and told him to read the Gospel of John and Psalms, but that all of it was good!:)

This experience has definitely not only changed my trip to india, but my life too! At first on the trip i was getting frustrated bc when we teach, the kids dont really pay attention, just the parents. But this story is proof that God's word does not return unto him void!! I really think that i am goin to have a great trip now, just because this one person came to me and wanted to hear of God's word.

Whitney Martin