18 July 2007

From Todd Ohlmann

All is well today (Wednesday) in Chennai. We (Myself, Mike Gurath, Rick Nelson, Lee Klammer, Dani Beekman, Danielle Ryan) have finished our classes and VBS's here in the big city and we are headed to the Vanniyambadi district for a few days. I'm not sure what the phone or internet capabilities will be there since we are staying in a hotel and area of this district where I have never stayed before.

Vaniyambadi is a distant district that has had very little Christian contact over the years. This is the district where the 2005 Mission Helper team that I worked with taught over 250 kids and several adult on-lookers in one village where there are no other Christian churches in the immediate area. A few months later Pastor Koenig returned to this same village to find 90+ individuals waiting to be baptized! We pray for the similar opportunities in the coming days.

Please keep us in your prayers along with our families and congregations.

In Christ,
Pastor Ohlmann