23 July 2007

From Pastor Reim

Hi everyone,
Today has been a day of interesting events. When we returned to pastor Victor's house, many of the pastors from this morning were still there. I was talking to some more of them and learned that two of them serve in villages where a Terrorist Group has been quite active. One pastor said that two people from his village were killed recently by these communist terrorists. It sounds like they are a type of Robin Hood gang. They attack government buildings and the rich and they try to help the poor and down trodden. However they are also aposed to Christianity. This one pastors and many of the people from his village have been sleeping out in the fields because then they can see the terrorists coming from a distance and can run and hide. They are living in fear. Yet this pastor still had a smile on his face and continues to teach and preach the word of God, trusting in the Lord for protection and blessing upon the word he proclaims.

What a blessing we have of safety and freedom. That is not something these people enjoy. Yet they trust the Lord so much more for their safety. Pray for them. What a blessing that the Lord has given us such dedicated men to work with us in this dangerous field. May He bless them richly.

After a little while a group of children gathered. It was about 4:15 and they came directly from school. We sat down with them and began teaching them. Then one of them said they were supposed to be back at school. Apparently there is a late afternoon class where they are supposed to check in with the teacher to check their homework or something like that. Some of the girls left, and the rest stayed. We managed to get in most of our stories, and then the teacher came and scolded us all and told the children to come. We did not realize that their time was so limited.

We also did not know until afterward that only one of the children was Christian. These were not children from any of our churches, they were school children that pastor Victor invited to come in. They were mostly Hindu children. So it left us with both saddness and joy. We wished we would have been told more clearly who these children were and the time we would have so that we could have made the most of our time. On the other time, we were happy to have had that opportunity to talk to them at all. We can only pray that God will work through the little seed that we have planted today. Hopefully also pastor Victor may have more opportunity to talk with these children who walk by his house on the way to and from school. Victor is so great with the children. He has a good repore with them. He jokes with them and talks with them and loves to lead them in song. He also has a great love and desire for their salvation.

So our teaching day was cut short, to give us more time to relax this evening. The four of us are planning on playing cards this evening.

Blessings to all,
Dave Reim