23 July 2007

From Alison Hansen

Greetings from Kadapa,My spirit has been lifted since I last wrote. Thank you for all your prayers. I have no doubt that the Lord has been at work on all of us here in India. Being in India not only allows us to preach the gospel but also enlightens us to who we really are. My whole group sees my weaknesses when we are in the trenches. I am so blessed to have people who will listen and give me Godly advice and not just let me whine. A passage that really helped me when I started complaining was Phillipians 2:14. Our Lord tells us that whining and complaining avail little and that we need to take our cares and troubles to our Lord and not let ourselves get down. In the reality of the situation, we are only in India for 3.5 weeks. Such a short time. We need to be at our best not only for the children whom we are teaching but also because the Lord tells us so.Laura Hulke and I have been singing this song for a few people at random times. It was originally a wedding song, but my mom changed a few words.
We have been singing it as a prayer for the people of India.

Lord God of Heaven
Come be our guest
Bring now Thy blessing
Bring happiness
Now to this people
Now to this land
Who in thy keeping
Go forth hand in hand

Give them your guidance
Give them your love
Give them your comfort
Peace from above
Give them the courage
Ever to say
"The Lord is my Master
Tomorrow today."

Father of Mercy
Send now we pray
Unto these people
Who stand here today
Treasures of wisdom
Which built on Thee
Make a solid foundation
Forever, forever to be

Jesus our Savior
This bond we commend
This bond to enlighten
This bond to defend
To Thy gracious keeping
To Thy holy love

Oh Bless it and keep it
Shine Thy light upon it
Thy peace Lord give to it
Both here and above