21 July 2007

From Aprill Lillo

Greetings from the CLCI team! We have settled into a predictable schedule here in Guntur. We also have come to the realization that if we are going to be able to eat the large lunch they give us at the Institute, we have to skip breakfast or have a small snack.

I have also come to the realization that we are guests and under the rules of the house. We are forbidden to leave the institute for our safety and recently the children were told to limit contact with us to a handshake. V.S. is very worried about our health and has stated that too much contact will make us sick. As a mother this is devistating, but I know that V.S. is looking out for us. I was using the children at the orphanage as a sort of substitute for the hugs and squeezed I was missing from my own children. I am reminded that I can show my love through the Word of God. I take comfort in their enthusiasm. I treasure the "jam sessions" we have in the church with drums and tambourines. The children love music, and they honor their God in this way. Although physical contact is now limited, I can still sneak a smile and share in their praises.

The congregations we have met are equally happy to sing praises. The other sisters and I always leave with a smile on our face and a memory that will always be with us. Jesus is such a large part of these peoples' lives that it makes me reflect on my own life and where I have placed Jesus. I pray everyday for humility. The congregations treat us with such respect. The only gift I can give back in such a short meeting is the message I have from the bible to share.

Wow, is all I can say so far.

I am so thankful for this opportunity!