19 July 2007

From Rick Nelson

This trip to India is not for the physically weak. The day to day grind, with travel and the heat really wears on the body. Plus the potential for food and water contamination lurks at every meal.

This trip is not for the emotionally weak. Being away from home, family and the simple conveniences takes its toll.

This trip is not for the spiritually weak. I have found out very quickly that your trust must be in God or the many worries that come up would just be too much to handle.

But that is what we all are. Weak! We each are emotional train wrecks, physically hanging on to each day by a thread, and spiritually irresponsible.

In India, I have noticed that I am not in control of anything. I can prepare and be mentally alert, but whatever happens, happens. In everything that does happen, I need to look to God and have faith that He indeed does work it all out for His Glory. In America, I am comfortable with my surroundings; I know the culture and people around me. Sadly, I have become calloused to how fragile life is. We trudge our way through life ONLY by the Grace of God, whether in the States or in a country 4000 miles away.

Rick Nelson
Mission Helper - India