20 July 2007

From Lee Klammer


Today, we are in a small city called Tirupattur.

Our hotel is a pretty low quality compared to American standards; however, it only cost about $10 a night; so we like to think of it as a very nice camp-grounds plot.

Like wise, the food in this town leaves something to be desired. The first restaurant that we visited served us tap water with a dirty sock over the nosel (probably to act as a filter), and the server had his fingers inside all four of our cups as he brought them to us. The food was handled in much the same way; so all of us ate sparingly. We will be eating a lot of crackers, biscuits, and "dried meat" while we are here.

VBS classes have been going quite well; the children seem to be enjoying the stories and the visual aids (felt board and hand puppets). However, the craft has become chaotic nearly every time we have attempted it. We will be trying different methods as we proceed.

As you maybe have read in many of the other blogs, many of the MHP travelers' spirits are somewhat low. I expect that the lack of regular diet, the deprivation of restful sleep, the stress of being in a different culture, and the regularity of not being regular are wearing on all of us.

It falls on each of us to look past our own needs and focus on the work that we have come here to do; but your prayers for our spirits, our wellness, and our work do us much good. So, please continue to offer up prayers on our behalf. Thank you.

Lord's blessings to all of you State-side.

In Christ,