18 July 2007

From Rick Nelson

It has been said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I have also heard about militaries cutting off the chain of supplies coming into or out of a country. This will choke the food or economics of a State. We had a chance to spend a day with one of God's women yesterday. We took a rickshaw over to Mary Koenigs flat and spent some time looking at pictures and talking about life here in India. We participated in Mary's primary ocupation for the last few months which has been making plaster plaques using plastic molds. We also painted a few samples. These will be used as examples when they have crafts for the Indian children's Bible School. It was really nice being able to talk with someone that understood english. I cannot imagine how nice it is for her to have us here. She is a half a world away from everyone she knows except Dave. I have to be honest. Not everyday do I find myself remembering Missionary Koenig in my prayers. And sadly I cannot say that I have ever prayed for his wife and family. I would suggest that we start remembering not only Missionary Koenig in our daily prayers but also his supporting cast. Without the sacraficial support of his wife and his children/grandchildren's non-voluntary separation from Dave, we may not be so blessed to have him here in the foreign field(s).I feel that their efforts cannot be overlooked and our gratitude needs to be shown. Praise the Lord for the sacrafices that the Koenigs have gladly made in their lives by the Grace of God.

Rick Nelson
Mission Helper - India