04 August 2007

From Alison Hansen

I am home on the farm right now reflecting on my experience in India. So many thoughts and not so distant memories come to mind as part of the trip--the late night talks with fellow Christians, adventurous rides on rickshaws, dodging cattle while driving through cities and countryside, and especially all the children at the VBS sessions. I would be deceiving you if I said it was all fun and games. There were a lot of tough times as well. A person can look at the tough times and let oneself get down about the various situations or realize that the Lord is making one stronger through every situation. I was very humbled by the whole experience and realize that I need to prioritize missions in my prayer life and do all I can to support the work we are doing over there. I am very glad to be home here in the states, but will be even happier to see all of the people in India in our heavenly home someday.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and I would ask you to continue to pray for the children, pastors, and lay people that they would be willing and able to reach as many other unbelievers as possible with the help of the Holy Spirit.
In His Service,
Alison Hansen