04 August 2007

From Pastor David and Sandy Baker

Now that we are back home in Chicago, Illionis, it is time for reflection upon our trip to India. It was a real blessing to see the joy in Christ among our brethren in both the CLCI and the BELC. Their dedication and committment to our LORD and Savior is wonderful. We came home blessed and encouraged by the members of the CLCI and the BELC!

Poverty abounds but the riches of Christ Jesus our LORD were proclaimed in India. Many seek wealth and fortune there but our brethren have the Pearl of Great Price. in India, we saw the Gospel at work and saw the way it changes lives. In a nation which still holds on to vestiges of the caste system, among our brethren it has practically disappeared. Our congregatons and leaders reach out with the Gospel to the poorest in India . . . something unthinkable among the Hindu's, the Buddhist's, and other religions. Our people show kindness and compassion on those of lower estate . . . something unheard of among non-Christians.

We also had the opportunity to spend a day of sightseeing in Chennai. It was awe inspiring to visit the supposed place where St. Thomas was murdered and also the place where he is supposed to be buried. Both are in Chennai.

The 2007 Misison Helper Trip was a wonderful experience and I would recommend all to participate, if possible.

David & Sandy Baker
Ascension, Batavia, Illinois