07 August 2007

from Laura Hulke

Now that I am back in the United States, I thought I would send out one last email of thanksgiving and thoughts to all of you.

I am so thankful that all of us made it home safely, and that we were kept in God's care the entire time we were in India. True, we missed the conveniences of life back home, but our situation was never so trying that we could not do the work God had set for us to do.

Something that I will never forget was how uplifting and encouraging it was for us to spend time with the pastors and Christian communities in India. They were excited to see us, and we were delighted to see the work that they are doing in a country that so desperately needs to hear the Gospel. We are grateful to them for their hospitality and kindness, and we look forward to hearing from them in the future. It is wonderful to see first-hand how the Gospel has spread around the world and continues to be spread by these amazing people.

It was a delight to teach not only children, but also adults that accompanied the children to our classes. I pray that the seeds that we planted through God's Word will grow and flourish by the Holy Spirit. I will continue to pray for all of those in the mission field, especially David and Mary Koenig and all of the pastors that we met abroad.

Thank you to all of you for your support and prayers before, during, and after the trip. Please continue praying for the people over there and the work that they do.

In Christ,
Laura Hulke